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Kripa Yoga is the brain child of Swami Kripananda and it is a culmination of 25 years of ardent study and practice by its founder. It is a modern day version of the Science of Yoga which addresses our present day needs and accommodates the ancient practices of the Himalayan Yogi’s into our present day lifestyle.


Kripa Yoga has the ideal approach for resolving existing concerns of time and practice in an ever too busy life style. It is effective for CEO’s as well as advanced practitioners of the art of yoga. Kripa Yoga focuses on the inner dynamics of yoga posturing. "Yoga exercises need not be practiced in a yoga studio", says Swamiji, “you can use any place and time for your yoga practice. "In the wild outdoors the trees and landscapes can be used as props for yoga posturing and indoors the furniture and the walls can play a very important part in your practices."


Swami Kripananda has been studying yoga and meditation for nearly 25 years. Much traveled and greatly loved by his followers, Swami Kripananda is a healer of extraordinary abilities. His meditation workshops and retreats are guaranteed to leave participants with a profound experience of the other side.

Accredited by Psychics and Mediums alike, Swamiji transports his audience into a whole new world of paranormal experience...   into what he calls a "parallel world of existence".


In true Yoga practice, one learns to penetrate the different
layers of ones very existence until one arrives at the goal.
 One cannot learn to fly an aircraft in a day and one must understand that one may not be able to experience liberation in a lifetime.
Swami Kripananda.

(845) 483-9642
P. O. Box 46076
Seattle, WA 98146

Hosted by friends and well wishers of Swami Kripananda of Kripa Yoga.

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